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Van Helsing
Tipo: Trucchi
Piattaforma: Sony PlayStation 2

trucchi in inglese - mi ripropongo di tradurli il pi¨ presto possibile

Cheat mode:

To unlock cheats, look for small, glowing, white orbs [eggs] hidden throughout Transylvania. Stand on one and press Circle. A message should appear at the bottom of the screen with more information about what was unlocked.

Armory Anytime - Find the large gear room in the Castle Frankenstein's basement. Stand on the wooden platform on the right side of the room, then use the grappling hook to reach it.

Big Head - In mission two, look near the Ghost Body cheat icon to find the Big Head cheat icon near a wagon.

Completion bonus - Once you have completed the game and wait for the credits to roll, you will be prompted to save your game on a new game option. Do so and you can start the game with all previously unlocked cheats, power-ups, and items.

Defeating enemies - When a Boss or other strong enemy grabs you, keep pressing L1 [Shoot] to take away great amounts of life away from them.

Defeating Vampires - When you get to the part where you have to fight the three Vampires, take out the one on the left first. When the center Vampire is going to attack, she will make a screeching type of sound. When she does that, get ready to dodge her attack. When she uses her lightning attack, hide behind the pillar. When you take out the Vampire on the left, the center Vampire will transform. The transformed Vampire will land on the ground and remains still. Back away and do not get hit when she dives after you. If you follow this and attack at the correct times, you should be able to defeat them.

Fell Skin - Complete mission five, then get egg in the well. Defeat the werewolf in the town, and put the egg on a pedestal to get the cheat icon.

Ghost Body - In mission two, look behind the "dragon" door at the start of the train station to find the cheat icon. Use the alternate Tojo blades to collect it.

Mission one cheat icon - When you first can use the grapple, you will see something white glowing. It is the cheat icon. After using your grapple, jump and get it.

Power Clothes - Successfully complete the game wearing your hat on every mission.

Rifle - To get the Rifle, win all of the Easter Egg mini-games twice.

Small Fiend - In mission six, enter the side entrance to the castle. After defeating the werewolves, walk to the lion gargoyle that is pouring water and press Circle. The cheat icon is in its mouth.

Translucent Body - In mission two, get past the train station area and look behind the "dragon" door.

Unlimited Ammunition - Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Unlimited Speed - Just after entering the side courtyard of Castle Frankenstein, turn left [in the direction of the tower]. Double jump around until you can see the cheat icon. Use the grappling hook to reach it.

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