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Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
Tipo: Trucchi
Piattaforma: Sony PlayStation 2

Bonus Armi per Rank raggiunto

G-17 --> Investigative Agent
Combat shotgun --> Intelligence Agent
AU300 Mod-SMG --> Field Officer
M16 A1 --> Investigative Officer
M1911 A1 --> Intelligence Officer
Jerico-41 --> Field Research Specialist
MAK-10 10mm --> Investigative Research Specialist
Slug Defender --> Field Analyst Specialist
SSG 550 --> Investigative Analyst Specialist
SP-57 --> Intelligence Analyst Specialist
Mark 23 --> Field Supervisor
M4 carbine --> Investigative Supervisor
M16 A2 --> Intelligence Supervisor
ShotHammer --> Field Operations Commander
M4 --> Investigative Operations Commander
Stavva M70 B1 --> Intelligence Operation Commander
SlugHammer --> Assistant Chief of Operations
AU300 H-BAR --> Deputy Chief of Operations
GAWS 12 ga --> Chief of Operations
Mark 23 SD --> Commander in Chief

Unlockables from Commendations
Earning the different character's Commendations will net you various weapons. Note: Team missions are need for complete mission sets as well.

China type 67 --> Xing, Lian (Complete all objevtives for Kyrgystan, Toyko, and Myanmar)
G 53 --> Lipan, Teresa (Complete all objectives for Zurich)
Riot Shotgun --> Mujari, Lawerance (Complete all objectives for Chechnya and the salvage rig)
CZ Mach-9 --> Powers, Maggie (Complete all objectives for Minsk)
Desert Sniper .44 --> Ehud Ben Zohar (Complete all objectives for Yemen1 and Yemen2)
SR-15 --> Stoneman, Gary (Complete all objectives for Italy, Belarus1 and Belarus2)
93R --> Gray, Imani (Complete all objectives for all Carthage missions)
Desert Express .50 --> Logan, Gabe (Complete all objectives for Budva and Ukraine)

Getting solo par times for the regluar missions will unlock bonus missions

Italy --> solo par for the 3 Cahrtage Missions
Kyrgystan --> solo par for the 2 Belarus Missions
Chechnya --> solo par for the 2 Yemen Missions and Minsk
Budva --> solo Par for Lorelei, Tokyo, Myanmar, and Zurich Missions

Special Ratings
Special ratings issued by doing certain tasks, comes with upgrades and bonus items.

Bio-Data Retrieval Expert --> Carthage1: Collect 5 water samples, Perform field autopsy. Beralus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass. Beralus 2: Obtain sewage sample.
Bio-Data Retrieval Expert(Cont'd) --> Minsk: Deploy viral sniffers. Chechnya: Collect tissue sample from villager's body. Reward: Increased Flak Jacket.
Computer Information Expert --> Carthage1: Retrieve Broussard's laptop. Minsk: Download MetaGlobal's records. Tokyo: Upload computer data. Zurich: Access the mainframe computer.
Computer Information Expert(Cont'd) --> Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code. Reward: UNP 45.
Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert --> Kyrgyszstan: Poison Saydahmat's water chalice. Yemen1: Eliminate Yushchenko. Tokyo: Eliminate HNT leader Matsua. Reward: Headshot Lock.
Bio-Data Retrieval Expert --> Maintain Stealth in: Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen1, Minsk, Chechnya, Lorelei, Tokyo, Zurich, and Montenegro. Reward: VSS-DU.
Military Tactics Expert --> Beralus1: Eliminate Zhidkov. Beralus2: Destroy communications truck, destroy power substation, shut down gas main, destroy bridge to stop tank.
Military Tactics Expert(Cont'd) --> Yemen1: Destroy communications equipment. Yemen2: Destroy SCUD firing mechanism. Lorelei: Plant four nukes on the lower levels.
Military Tactics Expert(Cont'd) --> Tokyo: Plant C-4 charges on lab floor. Myanmar: Plante four claymores along path, Plant C-4 charges on each log bridge, Plant C-4 on foot bridge.
Military Tactics Expert(Cont'd) --> Ukraine: Complete all objectives. Reward: MGL.
Field Efficiency Expert --> Beat single player mission deadlines in all missions. Reward: MGL.
Survival Tactics Expert --> No player deaths in all missions. Reward: Increased Health.
Elite Combat Expert --> Earn All Elite ratings, and EDPEE. Reward: SSP 90.
C11 --> Cure the omega strain

Medals and Awards
Complete levels under certain conditions to earn a medal.

Agency Medal of Valor --> Get all Agency ratings, Special Agency ratings, all commendations, all other medals, and the highest rank
Alima Karkadann's Unicorn Charm --> Complete all objectives in the Yemin 1 and 2 missions. In the Ukraine mission, get Alima Haddad to safety

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